Liturgical Resources

Welcome to the OLCC Liturgical Resources page. Here you will find a variety of tools and material designed to assist in your planning of the church year, as well as material you may wish to use in the liturgy.

Liturgical Calculator, a tool that will generate a table of festivals for any given year. Most modern liturgical systems are based on the Galican liturgical calendar which Rome adopted universally in 1570, in which ordinary time is delineated as Sundays after Pentecost. In the 1970s many Lutheran bodies adopted this calendar, whereas prior to this they followed the calendar used in Reformation times in Northern Europe, France, and England, and by extension, in the Lutheran Church. This calendar is nearly identical to the Sarum Rite used in the Church of England, in which ordinary time in the non-festival half of the Church year is counted as "Sundays after Trinity". Though the Galican system is older, it is not commonly in use by churches which follow The Lutheran Hymnal and other older English and German hymnals. Therefore this calculator is offered for those who wish to continue to use the liturgical calendar which was once in common use in the Lutheran Church. This is the same calendar that is described in The Lutheran Hymnal on page 158.

The Collects of Veit Dietrich, a contemporary and fellow-confessor of Luther. The Dietrich collects are closely based on the Gospel of the day. The translation is that which is found in The Lutheran Hymnary, 1913, and is in the public domain.