We confess that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (Gen. 1.1, Psalm 33:6). Here we uphold the Apostles Creed, “I believe in God the Father almighty maker of heaven and earth.” In accord with scripture we also believe and confess that the heavens and earth were created by the Word of God by fiat, i.e. out of nothing God created all that exists and pronounced it good. (Gen. 1:31). The scriptures reveal to us that God existed before the foundation of the world, and that God conceived the world, the human race, and all that is in the world, including the angels, and brought it into being in accordance with His foreknowledge by means of His Word  (Hebrews 11:3).

We confess that God created the world in six days (Ex 20:11). The term in the scripture, 'evening and morning' definitively reveals to us that from the perspective of man, living inside the creation where time exists, we must think of this time as six ordinary days.  We also believe that the brief summary of God's creation of the world in Genesis one and two is an accurate summation of these events. God made all the living creatures of the earth according to their kind with their seed in them. This means that every kind of animal reproduces according to its kind. We deny therefore that the creatures that exist today came into being by a gradual process of (macro) evolution where one kind gradually changes so that it may become another kind or species. We admit that the scientific term 'species' does not always correspond to the Biblical word 'kind'. We acknowledge that among kinds or species, created things do naturally change in various ways (micro evolution), but still remain the same kind or thing that God originally made. Because of sin in the world all living things are gradually degrading. Some created things also become deformed and different because of the degradation caused by sin in the world. Nevertheless these created things remain of the same kind as in the original creation. We acknowledge that many of the living things God originally created have gone extinct and no longer exist.

We confess that mankind was created on the sixth day as a special creation of God. God made the man distinct from the creation of the animals, i.e. He formed the man from the dirt of the ground and breathed into the man His Spirit that He might be a living soul. The woman was created from the man.  Mankind is different than all the animals in that He was created in God's image to rule over the creation of God. We confess therefore and believe that Adam and Eve were actual living people, and that the story of their existence and actions in Genesis is not a fable, myth, parable, or symbolism. We also then  believe that in the beginning man was created in God's image, i.e. perfect and without sin (Eph. 4:24, Col. 3:24).