Here is a selection of papers which have been given by the men of the OLCC, or which have been presented at their conferences.

2016 Free Conference and Annual Convocation

Patriarchy — Pr. Andrew Preus
Loehe, Walther, our Lutheran Confessions, the Doctrine of Church and the Divine Call Revisited — Pr. Roger Fehr
The Dilemma of an Orthodox Lutheran Pastor in a Heterodox Church Body — Pr. Richard Bolland
The Practice of the Real Presence in the Lord's Supper — Pr. Martin Diers
The Bride of Christ in an Apocalyptic World — Pr. Richard Bolland
A History of Black Ministry in the LCMS — Pr. James Shrader
The Preparation for the Lord's Supper — Pr. Magnus Sørensen
The Saliger Controversy and the Formula of Concord — Pr. Roger Fehr
Unio Mystica as Ontological Union with Christ in Sanctification — Pr. Daniel Artur Branco
The Third Use is Threefold — The Doctrine of the Law for the Regenerate — Pr. Magnus Sørensen